2001-09-07 06:05:04 (UTC)

_09.04.01- need to do

need to buy::
planner with daily notes
-phone #s

"the blank wall"
look into gay/modern books
perhaps a book to write in

-pants, hoodies, long sleeved shirts
@ fulton st. for ecko, triple 5 soul
-ambercrombie and fitch

-pyramid with third eye
-find out about meaning of pyramids and third eyes
-look into hieroglyphics
-black cats (sphynx)

-binary codes
-4 letter words in a cube
(hope, numb, sick, life seek, cold, real, fake, hurt,
tequila, hollow, exit only, purity, insanity)

stuff to do::
-call mel about keys
-call kingsboro - go to school
-go to ops w/i.e. envelopes