2001-09-07 06:01:01 (UTC)

_09.04.01- the random things that go on in my head throughout the day

"whenever i'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am
whole again"
-the cure

it keeps raining on my back inside. it stopped outside

sailors thought manatees were mermaids in the 80s

jose is going to do "work"

people need acne medicine

that's a ming ling who has a married man

members in 6 flags

shutup about stingrays

"security to the cafeteria!"
-marty from foodcourt

"cullure club" card

fucking cheap jews

frantic parents who've lost their children

bring your ids

one second nature boy w/no shoes

ugly whores w/ugly fake hair and eyes

geeks that laugh like fags. fuck you all

what's left inside her?

"sanity is the playground for the unimaginable"

cut me open
pour me out
drink me up

stingrays like to have their backs scratched??

((too lazy to go to b&n))

i need a stool my feet hurt immensely

electric current going through my body again. too much
cocaine and pot. alcohol


fuck roxane. bitch

warners having a party. yay.
fuck him and his girlfriend
he needs to shave... that pussy

"this is how you remind me of how i really am"


how did i end up on the floor?
i don't even care. fuck off
it's cold here

there are so many questions that need to be answered

descending down. can i help you travel upwards? or did i
bring you down?

babies are crying. there is a PURE MASSACRE

can't sleep. clowns will eatme

i need new sneakers. my feet hurt

change your clothes
run monkeys, run
flock to your masterssssssss

is reality just a fucked up dream?

reality is an illusion
honesty is nothing but DECEPTION

your reflection in my eyes is nothing

tip toe through the flowers
those deceitful creatures of pollon

how much can i possibly think in one day?
alot, but i'm not able to write.
or feel
ever again
walking down these stairs

strike back with a vengenace

brown nose / cow nose
idiot / intellect

reality is fake

nothing left to say right now

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