Nick's Journal
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2001-09-07 05:57:30 (UTC)

September 6th, 2001

Yes, this is my journal, and yes i will try to keep it
every day, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is my only
entry. Anyhow, what did I do today?
I listened to someone tell me that creativity lies within
the heart, yet he berated a girl for doodling instead of
taking down his definitions. But it's okay guys, he's not
someone influential, cos lord knows this world would be
fucked up if influential people got hypocritical.
I looked through the collegiate times to find Keith's
article to no avail, but that's not what interests you.
Potheads interest you, and so do drunk guys that
sing "Piano Man" at midnight on the steps. For the love of
god if you're gonna get drunk infront of my dorm do it with
some dignity. I mean hurl yourself into the bushes, and
then hug a toilet seat for 6 straight hours, i mean come
on...ahem not that i've done either or both of those....and
definetly not in the same night.
-- and why do stoned people always say everything's cool?
-- oh and you know what i like about some dumbass freshman
popping into my room without knocking? absolutely nothing
that's what. but we have an ingenious plan. we're gonna
give him two forty's and then i'm gonna use my karate
skills to nail that good old "solar plexus" (i don't know
how to spell it i just punch people in it). ha, we'll see
how he likes having a machine breath for him.
-- last point, some people are able to wear bandanas and
some can't pull it those of you that can't (and
you know who you are) take them off. those that can, well
you the two of you know who you are, so you're okay.
-- i second mark's point on visors......why would somebody
where something that's supposed to keep the sun out of your
eyes, on the back of their head upside down? hhhhmmmmm.
oh and i miss my dog.