2001-09-07 05:50:48 (UTC)

_09.04.01- invisible tears of numbness

drowning deeper into my sea of misery
i am pulled under the forceful tide of numbness
nothing left to feel
nothing left to do to interrupt the uneasiness of solitude
my lungs are filled w/desperation,
blocking all chance of breathing
faster i suffocate, gasping for the air that was never even
dragging, pulling, forcing, subsiding to the powerful lash
of inactivity
my legs and arms are limp from not being in use
but even more importantly,
my heart and soul are totally flatlined to not even a mere
grain of salt
the salt that makes up my sea of sorrow... overflowing w/my
salty invisible tears
they trickle down my face to the mottomless pit that is my
blackened heart
you cantsee me for i am an illusion to the mind and
deception to the heart
you'll never solve the intricate enigma that is me for i'll
never find my way