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2003-01-06 10:18:34 (UTC)

My Dream.

I'm sitting feet are cold, but I want to
finish this entry real quick so I can go off to sleep. My
thoughts are filled with my brother who is expecting me to
be there in Sydney tomorrow. Feel so so bad. I should've
just gone. Why did I have to feel sorry for my husband?.
Its not like he's going to die or anything..I mean look at
it..I'll be gone for just 5 days. Oh well...!

I wanted to write about a dream that I have continuosly
had since I was around 6 or 7 years old. Its a dream that
I have continued to have over the years while growing up,
and, to date, I have absolutely no idea what this dream
means. It scares me to death sometimes, but I brush the
thought aside. It starts as me being around 6 or 7 years
old playing in the dark outside my home one evening with
other kids. After the other kids run off into the dark to
their homes, I start to get up and make my way home, when
suddenly, I see this man...big built, dark approximately 6
feet, and somehow, I can't make out his face, but, at that
instance, I feel goose bumps all over my body, and the
hair on my hands stand up as if I was being electrocuted.
This man is like about 100 feet away from me, and looks so
menacing..yet I cannot make out his face. I know though
that I am scared..very scared, and start backing away,
then I turn and start to run to my home which is only
about 50 feet away, but as I run to the front door, I
realise that my mom had locked it, so I had no choice but
to run to the back door. The man keeps walking towards
me..slowly..and ever so closer to me now, but I turn and
try and run to the back door, but then all of a sudden, my
legs feel heavy and I see myself running in slow motion
with this man coming closer and closer. I'm struggling to
lift my suddenly heavy legs and I can't panic
stricken body shuddering in fright and I can't yell
out...I can't move, I am so scared and terrified, and he
comes closer to me. I don't know what he will do, but I am
frightened and struggling to reach home,I try to scream,
but I can't coz not a sound comes out of my mouth. My back
door is just a few feet away yet like a hundred miles one is family are all in the
house..its cold, its dark,no one can help me, I am choking
back tears and..suddenly..I wake up.

Thats my dream!. There is no ending to this
just stops right there. I don't know what happened or
whether the man got to me because I usually wake up at
this point. like I said, I've had this dream since I was 6
or 7 years old and I still do have it till today and I am
32yrs. Do dreams really hide secrets?. Did I have a past
life?. What does my dream mean?. If you can tell
me..please give me a feedback?. I will most certainly
appreciate that.

Its 2.18am..gotta go to sleep toodles.

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