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2001-09-07 05:18:41 (UTC)

Pay Day

Well, I was a little disappointed in my check today. I
wasn't expecting anymore than I got, but I was hoping to
get more. I've just got so many places that that money has
to go, and I don't know what to spend it on first.
Lindsey lost her job today, and Amanda got hired. Pretty
great trade I think! I mean I still like Lindsey, but
Amanda is like my best friend, and I'd rather work with her.
Mike came into town this morning/afternoon. I seen him for
the first time in 2 weeks while I was on my break. He had
gone to Checkers to pick Justin up from work, and I was
spending my break with Justin. They are now at the Corral
playing pool.
Lindsey, Jenny, Savannah, Amanda and I are going to the
mall on Saturday. All of us except for Amanda are getting
our nails done. Well, Jenny may or may not, not sure yet. I
was talking to Amanda about coming with us, and I told her
that I would've asked her to come, except that she doesn't
like Lindsey. Then I said that she could come along if she
wanted to, as long as she didn't beat Lindseys ass. She
said that she wouldn't. She also said that she'd bring her
own car, that way if she got pissed, she could just leave,
without pissing off everyone else.
I'm not sure how I'm getting my check cashed tomorrow. I
asked Jenny earlier if she could do it, and she said yes,
but then I asked her tonight and she said maybe. She's got
a lot of cleaning to do. But she told me to call her
tomorrow morning and ask her, and she might be able to take
me. If not, I'll probably have to wait until Monday to cash
it, because the banks are closed on the weekends, and I'm
not gonna spend money on things that I don't need to get it
cashed as City Market. And plus, I like my bank. And I'm
sticking with it! So there! So if I do have to wait until Monday,
then that means I'm not going shopping on Saturday.
Well, I'm gonna get to bed, that way I can get up early
enough tomorrow to go get my check cashed and all that
happy shit. I'll write later.
Love, Shelby

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