Jim Diary
2001-09-07 05:16:04 (UTC)

September 6....Great Day.

Hmmm, guess it's kinda late to write my diary now...hehe

I think it was a great today though.

Woke up at 6(F...ing cold, cuz i sleep naked..hehe)and
prepare for 7.30 computer class (:P). And got home at
3.30pm. School was not bad at all. I drew an airplane
once again at school (well, my 1st plane drawing: Boeing's
Sonic cruiser in this school year.) I think may be 2. I

Btw, school agenda is F...ing UGLY! The cover was the same
as last year (yellow), and the school character is in BLACK
instead of purple last year. I'm swearing that I'm going
to change the cover for sure. I think I'll put a comical
hot stud from the gay paper's magazine...LOL.

And at night, FINALLY, got to hear and record Britney
Spears' new song: "I'm a Slave 4 u" as well as seeing her
performing at the MTV Music Video Awards. A cool show.
Rainforest with cheetahs and SNAKE..hehe

One more exciting thing. I'm off from school at
1.50pm...What a nice treat :)

That's it for the day...

I'm Signing off.