One hell of a life
2003-01-06 08:08:56 (UTC)

1-6-03 entry twenty six

Well...I still haven't found my Avril CD...but I downloaded
all her songs and put it in order so it's sorta like I got
her CD on my computer. Whatever.
Oh it was weird, I dreamt last night that we were back in
school, I dreamt through a whole lesson, Biology, where we
had this new teacher, and then we were sitting in I.T and
Mr. Pete was going, "Kamara you need to put your hair up"
and I looked at Shan who was next to me, smiling and it was
so damn realistic I swear to god i felt like i was actually
at school. You know how most of the time you dream and you
sort of know that you're dreaming? Well anyway, it was
weird cause i woke up to the phone ringing and i was
totally disoriented and had no idea what i was doing in my

OMG I am a FrEaK!!!!

Um yeah...and I was talking to Alan from CISS, and he said
he was there with Eric at Starbucks when i was there three
days ago with lois and her older sister...I had no idea
that was him. He said, "Eric said, 'that's Kamara!' and i
was surprised to see you" And he also said Jon was talking
about me a few days ago....Jon Foskey...he's bug-eyed you
know..okay, im horrible. He's just annoying, he said he
thought he was hotter than Jeff - hahaha he wishes, I mean
he's so big-headed!

And Lois told me a few days ago that the night we were
there with the drunk P.O.S and Astrid gave those guys head?
Well Shaun had sex with Melody after we left. They slept
together in the bed, and locked the door - in Astrid's
parents bed. URUGHGHH!!!!! Shaun is so hot, why did he have
to go and have sex with Melody, huh.

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