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2003-01-06 07:18:17 (UTC)

The Maju shit

these past couple of days have been very
interesting....yesterday me and tommy and dan recorded
some of our new shit at dans house, it sounds good, our
voices dont sound that great because we dont have an
automatic tuner for them, but oh well, at least its being
done for free. We are planning on sending this new little
demo to every label we would not mind being signed to,
tooth and nail, drive thru, kung fu, FAT , doghouse,
lobster, my records, and honest dons. Hopefully one of
them will like the songs. after that i got a call from
lucy saying her friend hayley thought i was hot and wanted
to meet me, so i was stoked on that, but then we never got
to hang out cause the girls went to a carp party and got
stuck out there..bull sheet! oh well, maybe some other
time. today i got up, mowed the lawns, then went to dans
house and recorded once again all day. we got all the
vocals and everything done, we just have to mix it. I cant
wait. Things need to start happening for us now, we are
very commited and ready to tour, we just need the little
boost to get us moving. jimmy is doing all he can and
hopefully now living in LA will help him to get on tours
and stuff. after we were done we went to nicks and ate at
his BBQ, it was sooo GOOD! we hadtn eatne all day and was
perfect for the end of our winter break. fuck....the
end...i have school tomorrow, i cant believe it.. oh well,
at least i will get to see people i missed over break. I
really wish i was tired right now so i could get a good
nights rest and get up early for school, but I am not at
all because i drank a pepsi twist...dumb idea on my part.

Well, I think i will go try to go to bed so i wont be so
tired tomorrow, but i have a feeling it will not work.
wish me luck!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA