Shared Guy Rants
2001-09-07 04:44:54 (UTC)

My name 2

SeeCharles: hey
tinsy4you: go back to sleep
tinsy4you: you need it
tinsy4you: =)
SeeCharles: I do.. gotta work tomorrow
tinsy4you: so, i'll see you around then??
SeeCharles: yeah.... sunday : )
tinsy4you: i don't know yet
tinsy4you: =(
SeeCharles: I will sneak you out if necessary..
tinsy4you: chris......
SeeCharles: but seriously..I'm sure it will be fine
SeeCharles: you gotta be able to get away from all the work
and stuff... if she won't even let you out Sunday, you
should just leave anyway
tinsy4you: i worry, that you might only be going out w/ me
because of what i said
tinsy4you: i mean........
SeeCharles: I was worried that you would worry about that
SeeCharles: but it's not
tinsy4you: lol
SeeCharles: I wanted it to be me..
SeeCharles: before you said anything
tinsy4you: are you sure i didn't brainwash you??
tinsy4you: and this is all against your will??
SeeCharles: eh, maybe
tinsy4you: and somewher inside you're screaming to get
SeeCharles: yeah... but I am able to keep that inner me
down.. he won't be bothering us again.
tinsy4you: ???
tinsy4you: uh oh
SeeCharles: hehe
tinsy4you: ok
tinsy4you: well goodnight
SeeCharles: ok...goodnight
tinsy4you: =)
SeeCharles: sleep well
tinsy4you: you 2
SeeCharles: *kisses you on the nose*
SeeCharles signed off at 9:40:59 PM