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2001-09-07 04:43:46 (UTC)

i am quite fond of this whole online journal thing.

i've noticed how lazy our society has gotten. we can't even
go and genuinely write in a journal we have to type
everything out. its like we can't pick up a pencil for five
minutes out of 24 hours to simply express our current
feelings or our exciting days. i guess in a world where
McDonald's is in the majority of countries throughout the
world we can no longer "waste" our time. awww. i've fallen
into the trap. i'm letting myself become a lazy person.
yuck. i mean i do understand the whole concept as far as
communication but man we can pretty much do anything on the
internet. banking, grocery shopping, clothe shopping.
pretty soon we won't have to leave the comfort of our
computer chairs. goodness. i guess i should stop nagging
and realize i am the same as everyone else.

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