Lil Ems

2001-09-07 04:08:36 (UTC)

dont ever get stuck in the sky

sometimes i think everquest is a curse. no, wait... i KNOW
it is. like ok before i got it, me and jase would fight cuz
it seemed he was ALWAYS on it n didnt wanna chill with me.
then he bought it for me and at first i was like "ugh" but
then started liking it (in an obsessed kind of way).
anyways then we started fghting cuz he wouldnt talk to me
on EQ and one of us would get more exp than the other...
stupid reasons which i REGRET so much because it was
stupid. and u know how people can only take SO much of
fights? well i mean i think that pushed us a little and its
sad (quick quote from The Mexican- Julia Roberts: When you
love someone how much is ENOUGH before you cant take each
other any more? Brad Pitt: Never.------- sniff... i want it
to be like that but i dont think boys are capable of
feeling that way).
anyways we stopped fightng n EQ but now when we play theres
this general bad kharma and ts just odd. we did get marred
tho a few weeks ago (jase thinks im obsessed wth
marriage--- what girl isnt?) and that made me super happy.
now we're about 5 lvls apart tho and at this rate prolly
wont be hunting together much longer. its sad, but i have
skool to attend to along with sleep. summer was so much

on a happy note, jason came over today and tried to pull
the "im on my cell phone on the interstate/i show up at
your house game" (he made me think he was on I10 but he was
outside... hehe it was CUTE as hell). he came over and we
got along nicely and he called me when he got home and it
was just truely sweet. i was very happy. there was a
generally GRRRRREAT mood : ) we talked on AIM and i was so
happy and i was singin him cute ass songs by fenix tx and
incubus, but i think EQ was distracting him (hehe he has 2
comps sittn next to each other in his room, tis funny). we
got in what seemed too be a mini fight but supposedly
everything is okay. i hope so. i was reeeeallllyyyyy happy
earlier today-- i liked the feeling.

tomorrow is friday and i get to see him. im looking
foreward to spending a lot of time together ths weekend. i
hope he is too.

well, im out.

wishing for the best