2003-01-06 04:39:34 (UTC)

Cancelled Trip went off to a good start. I cancelled my trip
to Sydney today. Reason??...My husband decided that he
would miss us too much because he apparently is not going
with us. He kept fretting at us going.."Well who's going
to keep me company when I get home from work? Who's going
to cook for me?. I am going to be so
lonely..blah..blah..blahh! Talk about YEAH RIGHT!. So
duhhhh..Silly me fell for that because I suddenly felt so
sorry for him and decided that I wasn't going on any trip.
Am I pathetic or what! Dang! I can't believe
myself!!..ARGHHHHH!. When will I ever make up my mind and
stick to my decisions!! ARGHHHHH!!. I can't say I am
dissappointed...actually, I am sad that I won't be seeing
my baby brother who is so excited I'm going to visit with
him...need to call him and let him know the change in
plans. That sucks..and I know he'll be so
dissapppointed...awwwwwwwwww!. But then again, I don't
like the long plane trip...Approx. 13 or so hours in the
plane non stop from San Fransisco to Sydney. If I had gone
today, it would be my 4th trip to Sydney since last year.
Oh yes, I have travelled a bit out of the USA. Planes
scare the shitt outta me though, but I still travel. Isn't
that just so To think that one of my many
dreams as a kid was to be a flight attendant..Forget that
dream now!!..haha!.

So yes, my husband is quite pleased (though he doesn't
show it) with my decision not to travel. HUMPHHHH!!. If he
as much as makes me mad tomorrow, I will certainly pack my
stuff and re-book myself on the next plane out to
Sydney..we'll see. Oh well thats done with...I decided
that today, instead of going to Sydney, I will take my
kids out for dinner and a movie. I watched "Two Weeks
Notice" (Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock) whilst the kids
watched "The Thornberry's". My kids wanted to try out Taco
Bell...believe me, we have never been there I
actually am not too fond of Mexican food, but I took the
kids anyway. They enjoyed the meal. Lifes son
seems a little dissappointed today...but hey, he'll get
over it.

Anyway, I gotta go cook dinner for my husband now. Have a
hot meal ready for him when he gets back. lifes
hella boring...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!. I need some sort
of excitement. Well..toodles y'all.