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2003-01-06 04:22:00 (UTC)

The Way I Feel

More about this girl, i really like this girl, more than i
thought i did, but its hard for me to tell her how i feel,
its allways been hard to come out and tell someone how u
feel about them. I wish i could tell her how i felt but it
will take a lil work. Recently ive noticed that girls are
more scared of commitment than guys, this shocks me. I have
liked this girl for awhile but ive never been able to tell
her how i feel. I think its because im scared of how she
will react. Its good to know that she also gets nervouse.
this kind of makes me feel like i can open up to her more.
But i have opened up to her faster than i have anyone else
so it is kind of crazy. Me and this girl are different in
alot of ways and alike alot of others.its hard for me to
show emotion towards someone when u dont know that much
about them. i allway thought that she didnt like me the way
i liked her because when we first talked i talked the whole
time so i felt funny. I really like this girl, and hope
that maybe we can go out, but i dont want to rush into
anything cause I want to really get to know her before we
do go out if we even do.well i geuss this is all i can
write for now.

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