Daily Confessions
2001-09-07 03:23:22 (UTC)


I posted this at 8:30, i forgot to do it by 6... :/
Hopefully it's okay. It's not long... the topic was pretty

"Why are slaves not allowed to correct or instruct other


There is a simple difference between submissives
and slaves. While a slave and submissive both make strong
commitments to their Dom/me, the slave places more of her
life into the Dom/me's hands. She gives not only hear body
and heart.. but also her mind and will.
While a submissive might take the roll of a -
teacher- sub if they choose, the slave has forfeited her
right to choice along with giving her Gift of Total
Submission. Unless her Dom/me instructs her or allows her
to do so, she is unable to act on her own motivations. For
this reason, a slave cannot teach or correct other
submissives. It is not the will of the Master/Mistress and
therefore not the will of the slave since a slave's will is
her Master/Mistress'.
It is much more difficult to be a slave than a
submissive. E/everything a slave does is a complete
reflection of her Dom/me's because every action she makes
is assumed to be on behalf of the Dom/me. It is very
difficult to give over yourself, but the Lifestyle is
constantly about learning.