The Sexy Blonde
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2003-01-06 02:29:48 (UTC)

Weekend Blues

We did nothing this weekend. I ate dinner Saturday night.
Sunday, this morning we woke up real late, and we ate lunch
and played video games and played other games ont he
internet and I watched some television. We decided to have
sex after everyone left the house, and I bleed again. I
told him we are not going to have sex until I go to the
He said that was fine, we left the house, and went to
Blockbuster off of Military, I got out to get a refund
because a game we rented was cracked and it would not play.
He couldn't give me a refund so he just gave me credit.
Anyway, he drove me home kissed goodnight and now I am
watching the first episode of 1992 class reunion, show
where they all get together and live in one house or