Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-07 02:38:51 (UTC)

I'm so maternal....

My job is getting easier.

Yes, I must admit, now that I am gettin used to the way
things run and I'm startin to actually feel like I can do
stuff on my own, I'm starting to enjoy my job. Which is
definitely a good thing! haha

I love kids. Seriously. I mean, I always knew I liked them
and everything, but it wasn't til I got this job that I
realized.. I seriously LOVE kids.. and I can't wait to have
some. haha:) But not any time soon.. you need not worry! I
was telling Matt today about how much I lvoe kids and how
I'm soooo going to be one of those moms that just sits and
stares at their kid for like.. hours and hours. Ya know,
like while they're sleeping and stuff, just because they're
so cute.. and their yours. I dunno, I just have this
overwhelming maternal instict about me and it's awesome. I
look at these kids and when I see them accomplish something
or do something that they love, or even runnin around
playin with other kids.. I get this feeling of pride. And I
think "Man, if I feel this way about other people's kids, I
can only imagine what I'll feel like with my own!" It's
awesome to know tho, that I'm gonna be a good mother. I
mean, hey, that's always a good quality in a woman (just a
little "hint hint" to all those guys out there! hahaha).

I... am getting sick. I hate it. Tess has been complainin
to me about her cold lately and, even tho she is miles
away, it seems she has somehow given it to me:) haha No,
actually it was probably one of those snotty nosed kids.
Ehh well... the retreat is tomorrow so, I'm pretty sure a
little sore throat is not gonna hold me back this weekend:)

Ok.. you heard me right. The retreat IS tomorrow. Am I
pumped? Yes, yes I am. I'm just a tad bit excited.. ya
know.. nothing major, just ur typical boucing-off-walls-and-
countin-down-the-minutes type thing! haha I only have to
work about 4 hours tomorrow.. which makes me happy. Then,
at about 630 or 7 tomorrow evening.. I should arrive safely
at Fort Hill. Yeah.. this time tomorrow night, instead of
talkin to my friends on AOL.. I'll be seeing them. Well,
except for Matt E., but it's ok.. I sent him a card..
haha.. that should make him feel better!:)