The UnEven Eye
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2001-09-07 02:37:27 (UTC)

Bleh. Thursday. -.-

Lets see. Today was boring. I nearly fell asleep,
but when don't I in class. I think they drone to much
when they talk. Nothing to keep me occupied.
Anyway. Lets see. My friends are nutzo. Half the time
I don't care. Really. I don't know is there something
wrong with that? I really don't know. Oh well.
So much sadness too. Can't we all just smile. And
say, "Screw the world, lets be friends." I mean we
can only rant so much. Then, its not even worth it. Oh
well once more.
To move on with my day. I had soccer pratice. Damn
I'm funny. I can make people laugh. With my
blondeness. *not a blonde* I'm like "what?" all time.
LOl. I know it sounds boring but once more I have
nothing to do.
Lets see what else. There is nothing else. See a
borning life. Yep. Me and a boring life *nod nod*.
I just hope people get on. give me something to do for
the day.
Until something of more interest pops! up. Thats it
for today. Have a nice day people.

(^.^) ^.^^.^)