chronicles for the clinicly insane
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2003-01-06 01:42:01 (UTC)

Sir Lancelot Im ready

Right now Im wondering how the hell im gonna be able to go
to school tomorrow. I didnt get up till one oclock this
morning so I know I wont go to bed any time reasonable.
this means Ill be functioning on about 4 hours sleep tops.
Oh well not that that matters anyway. Today I realized
that even though my mom is out of the hospital, she is
nowhere near recovered. I dont know if shell ever be the
same. She just seems so much older now than before. She
is only in here early forties (I'll be polite and not tell
you her exact age) but she seems so tired of everything. I
hope she'll get over it but I doubt she will, and Im afraid
that her bald spot will never get much better. I know
Bald spots are really fuckin funny!! but other than that
things are going better now that she's home.
Well other than that today was just another boring
day. I got up did meaningless shit like homework and
laundry, watched TV. other than that not much else. I did
however make a phenomenal improvement to my

theyre not pink but there black and thats good enough.

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