Things to know
2003-01-06 01:21:38 (UTC)

Ok here we go

OK here we go. time to let everything out. Ive been feeling
alot of weird feelings recently, its weird, things are
changing between me and kelan, and thats weird, she means
lot to me, and school is about to start and my best friend
wont be there and that makes school suck a whole lot. Ive
been talking to a really cool person lately, we can talk
about alot of stuff that i didnt think we would have ever
been able to so it is real cool. i really like this person,
but its hard for me to show it, but i dont know why. i need
to show my feelings towards this person but its hard. i
never thought that me and this person would ever have
anything to talk about outside of a certain class, but i
geuss anything could happen, i get real nervouse around
this person so i feel like a big dork but that is normal
for me. i didnt think finding a new person would be this
easy but it is and thats kind of scary. I dont think this
person likes me as much as i like them but thats life. If
they read this could change things for good or for bad, but
who knows ill just have to see. We have our first soccer
game tuesday, but i dont know if ill get to play so im kind
of nervouse about that. I found a song that reminds me soo
much of myself that it is scary." john mayer's - my stupid
mouth". everytime i hear that song it reminds me of all the
stuff i should have never said anything about but i did and
had to suffer for that. This song came into use the other
day when i told a certain someone about something that
happened between me and someone else, and that was real
hard for me to do. it really scared me cause i didnt know
what she would say, but things are still cool so im very
thankful for that. this person must like me also if she
stay after that, so things could be real cool. well i geuss
this is goodbye, ill be back later to write some more.
thanks for being here i really need this sometimes, so i
can let out all my feelings.
Cody Clemmer