Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-06 00:41:25 (UTC)

I need an out of my stress

I am so sick of people in my life trying to run my life. I
am so ready to start over, to be happy to be anything but
the way I feel right now. I had another huge agruement
with Duane, not that I don't care about him, but I
don't "love" him and he so wants that from me, but I can
NOT give that to him or probably anyone right now. I am so
stressed on everything... I hate the fact that everyone I
know is trying to run my life. Don't I get a say in what I
want. I do want to write, but I know the chance of getting
published, etc is slim to to none, but I still do other
things, like hotel work, and work my way up into a great
hotel, be happy and make good money (by the way, money is
not important to me, just enough to be safe and happy.)

Ready to kill, and sick of this cold... UGH!!!