No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-01-06 00:30:20 (UTC)

My crazy weekend

hey! how are you guys? I'm ok. A LOT has been happening
Lets start with Friday. I went to Radio Shack, the
graveyard and just driving around with Terry. Then, I was
walking to Publix and on the way I saw 1SG. He stopped and
picked us up...we went to the school to figure some stuff
out for Colorguard...then went to Publix and home. That
night, Danny and Trish and I went to see Catch Me If You
Can...which was good...and we went bowling. We stopped by
Winn-Dick Me (Winn-Dixie) afterwards to say hi to people,
and came home after curfew. We were 30 mintues late. It
wasn't that bad. Terry hung out after work.
Yesterday Terry came over and hung out, then I did a whole
lot of nothing and he hung out after work. Some stuff went
on with Trish and Terry...confsuing I tell you.
Terry hung out again today. Everyone got in a big
fight...I'm not sure what about...but I got in trouble.
somehow. I got out of it too. lol. :D I'm good...sometimes.
But, I guess Trish wanted to talk to Terry...he had to
leave and she totally flipped out and left. She is at Val's
house right now...
Trish has been up my ass lately. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE?
oh wait! I know, NOTHING. Yep, that's right. A whole shit
load of nothing. I am always in her way...I dont know how
or why...but it seems as though I am a giant problem to
her. It pisses me off, becasue I seriously haven't done
anything...but oh well.
Things have been hectic...just really confusing. I have one
thing that I can hold on to, that hasn't left or slipped
away yet...and I am so grateful for is what I
have been living for lately. And it doesn't bother me
I'll shut up now. lol. Later.


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