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2003-01-05 23:51:35 (UTC)

Strange Yet Significant Questions.

are boys really worth crushing over, when all they want is
to be friends and nothing more?

how come when you really want something to happen it
usually doesnt happen, and if it does, it doesnt work out
the way you wanted it to?

why does my computer like to freeze and then restart...by

what IS the president doing? AND how did we all of a sudden
get interested in North Korea, and WHY all of a sudden did
bush make the U.S. go to war?

Why do they call it "jumbo shrimp"?

how did God come to be?

how come all of a sudden my friend started talking to me
again after almost 2 years?

why is life confusing?

why do we recieve spam mail?

why was male created BEFORE female? (im just curious)

why dont men ever put the toilet seat down?

if females use their whole brain and males only use half
(its proven), that would mean men are smarter, cus to do
stuff, they only have to use half of their brain where as
us females use our whole brains to do the same things males

meh thats it for now...interesting things to
contemplate...so have some fun...yeh it was dumb but i was
bored :)

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