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2003-01-05 23:26:35 (UTC)

I need help getting over this,and some tips...

Im over weight, i try excersizing but i admit im lazey and
i try motivating myself to get skinny but i can't... i want
to be an actress i think i am pretty enough,but then i
think about how fat i am, ANFD I HATE IT! 2 years ago i
used to be in pretty good shape i was a little chubby but i
looked good.then my friend died,my dog ran away,my best
friend stopped hanging around me, i started my period, and
i started getting pimples because i wore make-up. i want to
start going to church.i used to go alot and when i couldn't
go i would go to sabbath church with best best friend who
was like my sister but we got in too many fights and i
thought i was "too popular" than her so i stopped hanging
around her as much. now im nice and i believe in karma, i
think thats the name i can't really remember, and i really
want to be an actress i know many people want to or
whatever but i REALLY do!my mom is a nurse but she has to
pay all our bills except for cable(my tep dad who smokes
cigs. and is a dumb alchaholic pays for that,and he gives
my mom $100 a week but if you think about it its not much)
and my mom has to support us..we used to go to counciling
but not any more, wish i did though and i dont want to go
to the school councolor. well talk to you later,