Teenage Mood Swings
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2001-09-07 01:49:26 (UTC)

Look back!

Aww to night i am so depressed... I am remember AT and what
that Ass did to me, I wish I had some one who care about
the fragile past I have had I wish I could Stop thinking
about him everytime someone says something that reminds me
of him he is not important he is just a JERK...who need
more the he got 5 years Probation Ugh the Great state of
Maryland Sucks Ass. I Can't belive its been over year and I
can't get passed this ugh ugh ugh. I need to talk to
someone but my dad will say I need to get over it my
boyfriend will only act like he cares. WHY ME!!!.......UGH
and Farewell for now

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