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2003-01-05 23:12:17 (UTC)

day 5

Boring day. Same old stuff at work. Except today I wore
myself out bring all those pepsi crates down. I make 4
trips with the sled and carrying some in my arms as i got quite a work out. Its all good. Im not
complaining. I needed the air.
I got yelled at this morning when I woke didnt
really stick around my house this morning...I got to work
early and I didnt have to pick anyone that was good.
I missed Rob today...he had the day off..I honked when I
drove by. I had to bring torie home today. He gave me gas
money, I was surpised. Hes a nice kid. I dont work for a
week...cause I asked for my birthday off and I have Pease
this weekend. Its all good..I plan on going boarding this
week. maybe on thursday. I have to go to Dad's on Friday
after I get my is my only day
left..mondays...theres no night skiing and I have a psych
paper to do. So I figured I should take the night to make
up some work. I got behind in my classes before vacation
cause I was sick. Im alright now I worries.
Im not really feeling up to writing in this Im
gonna go wander around my house for a little while.
~Jenn~ jan 5

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