2001-09-07 01:44:44 (UTC)


Today I got a cuncusion. (I don't know how to spell
cuncusion though.) I got it at football practice from my
friend Rob. He gave someone else one last year, what the
hell!? Everyone tells me that I'm speaking really weird,
and slow. (I'm also dizzy and can't walk straight,
accopmanied with being light headed.) I know its weird and
I hope I don't go retatded from it! But in a sense, getting
a cuncusion helped me. While I was sitting in the training
room after they checked me out and told me what I had,
something happened which I can't say, in fear of certain
people reading this. But while I was messed up, it made me
concentrait on things I was looking at, and I "thought" a
lot. And what happened was, that I realized that I
subconciously suppress so much of my life, I can't even
explain how much. And I realized what is really going on
with certain things in my life. And I just guess that I'm
greatful that I didn't have more reoccurances. It made me
feel like shit, because certain things hadn't worked out.
But it was like nothing that I have ever experianced, in a
world of realization. I found how much I really don't want
to think about in my life, but can't realize it, because I
don't want to. Life works funny, and when you figure out
what your brain really does, all you can say is, "Wow!"

The concusion helped me realize what was
really going on.