what happened?
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2001-09-07 01:25:45 (UTC)

My bestfriend

My mom went through an album box that I've left untouched
inside my little computer drawer. I pulled it away from
her grasp feeling a bit agitated by the invasion. I just
thoughts special memories should lay untouched. Anyhow so
I looked at them, feeling a bit nostalgic for the past. I
love my bestfriend. She was just so perfect in the
picture, she was my friend. We spent everyday together
during school, holidays, nights, oh just everything
together. She's different now. We're still friends, but
we can't be too close. She's a mother now at such a young
age. She's at home next to my godson Samuel. She's a way
from me, her friend. We hardly talk on the telephone and I
would scramble all my thoughts together just to have a
quick chat with her on the internet. It's hard life change
so suddenly and so gloomingly sometimes. I miss her a
great deal. We're not close anymore, but we're still
friends! I guess that's the only thing I have left to be
happy about.


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