Crazy Thoughts
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2001-09-07 01:17:53 (UTC)

Hey y all, Today was pretty..

Hey y'all,
Today was pretty good, last night I talked to the guy I
absolutely love-Wesley!! I miss him so much!!!! Gosh I
would give anything to be with him right now, I'm dying to
be in his arms again. The vibe I get from him is
incredible, it makes me completely seneless, and the rush
that radiates through my body is amazing. Gosh, I wanna see
him again, I can't wait until spring break (if I do see him
School was alright, Justin made me go to his game tonight,
I watched a little of it and then I left because I have a
ton of things to do. I'm just glad I didn't get homework
today. That's the only thing I really hate about school,
homework. Being a freshmen in highschool is pretty
stressful, and the amount of work your expected to do is
overwhelming...that and guys. I swear every guy stares at
me and then moves a little down south and stares at my
chest, it drives me nuts!! I'm only a B36 here, nothing
big, and we all know who the only person who's actually
gonna get some from me is Wesley. Jeeze, people these
Well, anyhow, I had to be captain of a stupid football team
today. I hate being the captain in gym, I feel so bad when
I leave people out, and the only close friends I have in
that class are Lindsey and Anna. Lizzie was the other
captain (that bitch I hate her so f-ing much! I just let
her pick Nicole-who I wanted-and the two popular wanna be
tag-alongs-Jasmine and Leigh) I also had to have this guy.
Tom, who I don't know and scares the living crap out of me
on my team. See I'm extremely nice on the outside, but
damn, on the inside, it's a little nasty thrown in with
some strange humor-don't ask. See this way I can express
those thoughts that go on inside my head because, so you'll
have to forgive me for my vulgarness, I can be really nice,
just a little weird, ya know.