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2003-01-05 21:57:14 (UTC)

January 4th, 2003

Today I probably woke up around 11:30AM, ate some Mac N
Cheese that my sister made. Ate some stuffing was
good like whoa! Umm..did the usual thang, brush my teeth
you know. Then me and my big sister cleaned my messy room,
hung all my t-shirts. Then took a shower, this cat got to
smell good!! Then me, my brother-in-law and my big sis Ta
played Scrabble which was alright. I forgot who won. Then
we played it until about 6:30PM. Went to Rainbow foods to
go buy milk and other stuff. Then we rented movies; Men in
Black 2, Austin Powers(Goldmember), and this one other
movie, I forgot the name. Came home, played Scrabble again
and watched Men in Black 2 at the same time. Got done with
Scrabble and the movie was done too. So we stopped playing
Scrabble and watched Goldmember which was REALLY funny!!
Dayme! That movie is stupid/funny you know. Anyways, the
movie was done I think at 12AM or around 1AM. Then played
Scrabble till 5AM!!!!!!!!! Yes....5AM!!!!!!! I was knocked
out when I went to sleep!! Okies...that was my weird day.

~?Forgot what time I wrote this at?

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