My life
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2003-01-05 21:37:50 (UTC)

Evil LiL Bitch~

ok, i DO NOT like that Tristian girl! I skated by her and
she was like ''Fuck you bitfch" and i called her over to me
and i was like "look you need to stop saying shit and keep
your mouth shut" and she all "got up in my face" and all
this stupid shit happened. Nothing Big, i dont like her and
i'm glad Danny broke up with her! Well Brant and Chris came
over last night (duh!) and Brant didn't say anything to me,
not hi nothing! And he got all mad at me, I don't even know
what he got mad about. i don't care though. I'm glad break
is over! I've been with him pretty much everyday and I need
a break..Well i don't want one, but i know he does! Well
Friday night Marissa and Alyx stayed the night, and Brant n
chris were over..Me and Brant watched "barbershop" it was
oK. I was laying on my stomach next to brant on the couch
and he was like on his side. and he goes "do you have a
condom" and i was like "yah" and he was like "cuz i wanan
fuck Alyx" and i made this noice and he was like "that
pisses you off dosen't it" and i was like "yah" and he was
like "why" and i told him i didn't wanna talk about it and
he wouldnt leave it alone he kept saying stuff like why
does it make you mad when i'm with other girls and i was
like 'its bc i'm in love with you" he didn't say anything
after that he just like rubbed my back and played with my
hair???? I know he said that bc that night at the rink he
was all over ashley harbison! I hate how he will be with me
everyday and then someone eles later on! it pisses me
off....LIke friday him and his mom got in a fight i mean a
big fight and he came over here and he was on the phone
with Will and he was like "I have nowhere to go im gonna
have to stay here" and all this shit. I don't know what i
am to him, and im so confused. What am i suppose to do?
Alyx said that its probably best we don't date yet and ruin
it because when we get older things could be better and we
could get married. .LOL alyx cracks me up!! alex wilsons
aunt died today..shes really upset! I feel bad, i don't
know what to say! but i gg