My skitzoid Wife
2001-09-07 00:46:51 (UTC)

skitzoid 226 1/2

Dear Diary

I worked the holiday and then last night OT 12 to 8 am and
then worked 8 to 4 after that. 16 hrs. straight Iam so
tired I cant sleep. Well I guess thats not entirely true, I
have trouble sleeping any way. I guess thats why I work 1
full time and 2 part time jobs. The money seems to go
fairly fast even though I make a good salary. Iam going to
try to stay awake till 10:00 pm so I can sleep to at least
5:00 am. Barb. says she is coming home from Florida Sunday
and wants to see me then, I guess I will for awile.
God she is horny. Iam glad she went for a vac. It was good
for both of us. There is more to life than downloading her
every time I see her. She is a nice girl and I have a lot
of fun with her. She wants to go to a beach where we can be
alone and get naked.