baby pink
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2003-01-05 19:23:47 (UTC)

cold turkey ...:(

well its sunday nite and i really should b doin ma homework
for colege toz i go back on tuesday but fuck it ill just
write a wee entry....

Not wrote in a few days bn kinda busy... Brian came over on
friday nite we got everything sorted thanx god huge lift of
ma shoulders... Im glad I hate it when we argue, good thing
we hardly eva do. I dont think i could take it.... He had
to work though all day yest and today and last nite his
family over so i never got to c him... for a whole two dayz
I cant handle this.. Its like goin cold turkey its makes me
all sad... we atleast i have the dentist at lunch time tomoz
so i can go and c him tomoz on me wee day off.. cant wait..
im a rite wee sado eh..? Nah i dont care i missed him
hunners...Buts its gonna get worst toz Im not gonna get to c
him till friday after tomoz :( ahh but what they say
"absence makes the heart grow fonder"

Hey after all i did have a good weekend anyway I just had a
nite in watchin dvds talkin shit and eating lots lol better
make that last diet starts tomoz gonna b thin soon lol

xxx BaBy PiNk xxx

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