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2001-09-07 00:09:14 (UTC)


I love the MTV VMA's. This year I hope that Aaliya is
honored in some way. She was such a beautiful spirit and I
can't believe her life was taken from her at 22. Death
makes enemies of us all.

Music is one of my favorite things in this world. The
first pop artist that I fell in love with is Michael
Jackson. I had his t-shirt pinned to my wall and must have
played THRILLER hundreds of times when I was young.

I started going to concerts my freshman year in college. I
started it off with the Jerry Garcia Band and went
everywhere from there. I always said that the people I
wanted to see most in concert were Madonna and Prince, and
Depeche Mode. I've seen Prince and DM but I'm still
working on Madonna. Her Drowned World Tour was featured on
HBO August 26th from her home town of Detroit. She has
made great strides in her spirituality and it is reflected
in her performances. The incorperation of the Japanese
culture fits right in with her peace of mind.

The following is a list of all the concerts I've been too.

1. Jerry Garcia Band--Nov. 6 1991
2. U2--August 15, 1992
3. Grateful Dead --March 6th and 7th, June 25 all in 1993
4. The Samples-Oct 25, 1994
5. NIN and Marylin Manson--Dec. 6th 1994
6. HFStival at RFK May 14, 1994, June 3, 1995, May 31, 1997
7. Henry Rollins Spoken Word--Oct 27, 1995--I met him after
the performance out back and talked with him for a bit. I
have also received two email from him in response to mine
about writing and Ani Difranco. Oct 30, 1996, and Jan 20,
1999 at the Senator Theatre.
8. Tori Amos--April 27, 1996
9. Prince--August 1, 1997
10. Tibetan Freedom Concert--June 14, 1998
11. Ani Difranco Sept. ? 2000
12. Depeche Mode--July 5, 2001

The set list in order for the DM concert is as follows:
1. The Dead of Night
2. The Sweetest Condition
3. Halo
4. Walking in my Shoes
5. Dream ON
6. When the Body Speaks
7. Waiting For the Night
8. The Bottom Line
9. Breathe
10. Free Love
11. Enjoy the Silence
12. I Feel You
13. In Your Room
14. It's No Good
15. I Feel Loved
16. Personal Jesus
17. Home
18. Clean
19. Black Celebration
20. Never Let Me Down Again

To be continued...