sex kitten

life of a porn star
2003-01-05 18:46:33 (UTC)

random date with matt

well on new years day me and steph went to applebees and
spot with her friend dave...he is a sweetie but kinda ne ways that nigh i fell asleep and i woke up
to someone IMing me...i wasnt gonna get up but i did and
it was we talked for like an hour and it was
awsome...but he hasnt been on since...then yesterday i
hung out with emily and we went to spot coffee for awhile
and stalked brian but we couldnt find him lol. so i come
home and im looking forward to a nice quiet night alone
when matt calls me...i havent seen him in like 18 months
and i was all excited. so i met him at the movies and it
was all cool. so he had his hand on my leg the whole time
and was rubbing my eventually about halfway
through the movie we started matt is the
most amazing kisser and i just couldnt stop kissing he takes out his dick and i jerked him off. when
i was done we stopped kissing and then we went back to
watching the we walked to my car and he got in
for a little while and we talked for like ten min.. then
he grabbed my coat and pulled me near him and we made out
for like 7 min before he stopped and was like why dont u
put ur tongue to work somewhere he pulls out his
cock again and i went down on him... which i had never
done to him before...but i didnt mind bc his dick is so im going to work and he started to push my
head down and i dont know why he did that i kinda felt
weird about it like i was being raped or something...but i
finished and swallowed and then he was like do u want a
tic tac?? so i took like 4 and he gave me a little peck
and he i sat in the car and felt like a god damn
whore and it really pissed me off... so i dunno...