Laying a Pheonix Egg
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2003-01-05 16:53:02 (UTC)

keep or file the first issue?

I am not sure what I should do here. See the first issue
took a year and a half to do. I was going through a major
learning curve. Man can you really tell.

First of when I started the issue, I hadn't even decided
how the middle to the end would be. So it really kindof
speeds up at the end and is really choppy. The art also had
a major break through half way in to the issue. It changed
a lot.

Plus another factor is I really had no idea what should
happen after the issue. I mean to say is I knew the story
but I still did not know how to continue from there or how
I wanted to focus on the story. Questions like:
1. who's perspective will this be from?
2. Will it be narrated?
3. 3rd person, 1st person.
4. How many years passed. From here how far and where to
5. How do I introduce characters. Especially since there
about 20 main character. 2 that are fulcrum (however you
spell that).

So here is my delima. I could easily drop the first issue.
And begin from the second and take elements in the first
issue and make it into a 3 issue arc later on (believe me,
it can easily go that way) Might even do that with or with
the first issue.

Food for thought. munch munch

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