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2003-01-05 16:45:50 (UTC)


Wrapped up in him
so longing to be
I wish I could let go
But its not so easy

He says I dont know him
but i feel i do
Maybe not in personality
but in mind and spirit I do

We never saw a movie or went on a date
But we played on the mountain and dinner was great
Sinatra did play
And being at the park we may have stayed a little late

We made love together
And it felt like a dream
I felt his arms around me
For an eternity it seemed
We kissed goodbye

Now all I have are memories of this time
Stuck in a friendship that is simply divine

I will try and let go I keep telling myself
But all I can do now is be stuck in a love
that is so one sided
A love that happened when our two worlds collided

I hold on to the thought that maybe he will see
A one day where our friendship can become a We
I long for the day that I lay in his arms
Holding him and loving him as we drift off to sleep

As for now Im stuck in a love that just cannot be...........