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2001-09-06 23:02:26 (UTC)

school... and some other junk

i started school yesterday. BORING! well, at least the
first day. today was a little better. my teachers are cool
for the most part... some are good some are bad. and my
classes are pretty good, i have friends in every one.
(thank God)i also haven't got lost yet... like a little
misled but i just ask someone and they tell me... i was
only late to one class, study hall, by like two seconds and
it doesn't matter the first week anyway. i'm really happy
with my lunch... at my table it's me, melissa, brittney,
sarah, mikey, ben, randy, drew, dave, jp, and some other
friends. it's all good.

changing the subject, i went to six flags last friday. i
went with my family and larissa. it was soooo much fun,
especially the safari... haha. damn monkies. and nitro was
awesome... again... and all the other rides. then we got
home and larissa's mom called and said there was a killer
who escaped from a local prison!!! ... and, get this,
larissa saw him... she told us she thought she did then she
described him PERFECTLY. freaky. then she slept over and
the next day we went to the mall then i went to melissa's
party. it was fun, we filmed a lot of stuff... including
heather piercing my ears... she did my third hole for me,
how nice:) my mom found out, didn't really care, but had me
change the earrings to 14kt gold ones... yeah yeah
whatever, that caused drama, 'cause i 'didn't buy the right
ones' or whatever... i was at the mall with larissa, jared,
and em getting them and i didn't give a shit as long as
they said 14kt gold... whatever... she was stressed out
from work, she's forgiven i guess. well i'm leaving. PEACE,

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