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2003-01-05 15:53:24 (UTC)

Et tu brutus?

Et tu brutus? Is a famous line from Julius Ceasar before he
gets stabbed in the back by one of his friends. I feel this
right now. After "making up" with a close friend of my
mine, she replicates exactly what she says to another close
friend without telling me. Does she think I'm that stupid?
How is that being sincere? She always makes excuses and is
always confused-- I think it's an act. I feel so stupid
for trusting her, then I get stabbed in the back with a
bloody knife, since she's done it so many times. Perhaps
being caring and forgiving is a flaw? I can't see how I can
forgive after she tells me I'm her best friend, and then
she talks about me behind my back. It's time to give it up.
Who am I tricking? It's a mirage of memories. 'Tis all. Get
on with my life...

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