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2001-09-06 22:59:53 (UTC)


Well, my baby came round. He is so great. He said to me
that he thinks he's not good enough for me. That makes me
sad. Funny coz it was only a few entries away when I was
saying I'm not good enough for him. Maybe he shares the
same worries and insecurities about me as I do about him.
I never thought of it like that before. Obviously I knew
that he wasn't complaicent or anything, but I never thought
that he worries like I do. I had a nice time with him,
although it was only a short time. (he came round at about
10 and went home on the 11 o'clock train.) I was sad
before he came. Happy when he was here, and now I'm all
sad again. hmf!! Hopefully, I will be able to stay at his
on Saturday night. Depends what my dad says (he doesn't
like me staying over there too often as he thinks I will
turn into an 'old slapper'!) I'm not seeing him tomorrow
as he's got work. And we are going shopping and then to
the cinema on Saturday though. I like shopping. Might buy
some new shoes. Need a new bag for college. Dunno what we
are gonna see yet. Never mind.