Restless Comet Diary
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2003-01-05 15:43:15 (UTC)

Last day...

....Of holidays...the vacation's over,tomorrow I have to go
to school.I'm not sure if I should be glad or upset for
this.I started to miss my classmates so it'll be good seing
them again...but I'm not so excited about staying there 8
hours a day again...getting bored during the classes...ack.
I am sure it'll be just fine ...since I have a lot of
friends there and there will be problems...I guess it's my
job to solve them hehe...
I am seriously thinking of being the leader of the class
next year.They wanted me to be this year but I refused..Now
I realise I sort of did a mistake..Because they need me.
Anyway I'm not gonna lose the oportunity anymore.
What else?I met Marga today.You know what's strange about
her?The fact I'm really nice with her..talking with her and
trying to help her anytime I can...but meanwhile I cannot
get closer to her...I mean she invited me at her birthday
last month and I didn't want to go.It was somehting strange
that didn't let me go there.I think it's her.....and a bit
her family...I mean her brother it's kind of nice..He
invites me over to listen to some music,he treats me he is nice to me...but I don't like the rest of
her family and I don't like a certain part of her ....
Well....that's it for today...see you!

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