Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-09-06 22:38:57 (UTC)

Stress, Party and a Night Out with CHRIS!!!

Wow, it's been a while since i last wrote an entry, huh?
I've just been to busy...being involved in tennis and band
at the same time along with school is a pain. PLUS this
past weekend and week ive been bustin my patoot to get this
house/yard together for the party tomorrow night after the
football game. I cant wait, it'll be so much fun!! Tomorrow
is so hectic though. I have a tennis game at 3:30. Playing
dubs with Brittney. Then i have to run from there to go get
my uniform on for band and go march at the game. Do the
party thing, stay up and clean till forever. WAKE UP early
saturday and go work at the Great Lakes Science Center in
downtown cleveland on the lake from 9-1pm. THEN go home
change, and go to the high school for the Avon Lake Band
Festival. Woopie. Im so thrilled. Im going to be a major
bitch this weekend. Anyhoo...

Lisa and i had a talk yesterday during band. I had this
huge emotional break down. I guess i havent been cured from
my stuff. Im either not eating or not keeping it in. Im
tired all the time. My family pisses me off and stresses me
out. Im the fucken Cinderella of the house. However, im
made to feel like i do jack shit. I know for a fact im a
depressive because this is how lisa was...tired...bitchy
and felt like doing nothing. But im worse. I never want to
go to the doctor though because i hate them. I lied to the
doctor last time so it didnt seem like i was depressed and
such. Lisa and i discussed this and how my mom will blow
things up and out of proportion if i tell her. SO lisa said
she'd take me and go to the doctor with me if it made me
feel better. She's the only one i can talk to about this
stuff and i feel awful because i worry her. So i promised
id call the doctor soon. Who knows if i'll do it. Im not
sure. Anyhoo thats that in a nut shell.

I have a homecoming date. My friends brother, Tony. Im
excited! We're going to have so much fun. Although, it will
seem more as if Maria and I are dates. Haha. Um what
else...I didnt get to finish my summer reading test. They
didnt give us enough time. Whatever!

Chris and I went out this past weekend! He picked me up
and went to Swings 'n' Things to Putt Putt. It was so much
fun. Then we drove around for a bit. We went and took a
visit to brad, got a fraggle rock (yea thats right!) video
and came back to my house. We watched it and laughed so
much! hehe. Then brad stopped by and so did Tom. (eek tom!)
But i had a really good time. Then eveyrone left around
1am. I went online and chris IM'd me to tell me he had a
really good time. I was excited! I get to see him tomorrow.
Im excited!! But he leaves sunday for college at OSU. (ohio
state university) Thats so sad!

Anyhoo im done now. Next time i'll remember to write
sooner so i dont write so much!! Love to you all:)