ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-09-06 22:28:42 (UTC)

of dreams and wishes..

I had the most fabulous dream last night! It was so very
real, and when I woke up.. I was thrilled, yet strangely
upset that it wasn't real.. :)

Well, actually, before all the good bit started.. I was at
my old church.. saving these little children from a gun
sniper who was going crazy in church. Which was rather
scary.. and I was so brave. Of which I was proud.. lol
Then somehow I ended up on the microphones at church..
singing.. and the crowd loved it.. (again.. a great
feeling.. lol)

Then I was on a horse ranch.. and I got to meet up with my
primary school sweetheart! lol Now that was cool.. and he
looked (almost) the same.. just all grown up. It was sooo
good. :)

Then the good bit started... I ended up in this apartment..
which I knew was ergot's apartment. And it was after
church, which was strange, considering...

And seeing him for the first time (I was only a little
nervous) was so wonderful.. and we hugged, and then we were
in his bedroom. Which didn't really look like his bedroom.
But I knew it was.. and we were laying on the bed.. and
kissing. And it was perfect. :)

Then for some reason, which I'm greatly disappointed in...
I can't seem to remember the sex bit.. lol But all I know
is we did do it.. (must have been wild and crazy and
uninhibited and passionate and fun.. :) and I was naked..
and I walked naked from his bedroom to the bathroom. And as
I tried to walk back to his bedroom.. his flatmate came out
of his bedroom, and saw me. And I was mortified.. lol Then
ergot came out with a blanket.. which I put round me.

Next.. my mum is at the window (this apartment was on the
ground floor) and asking for a towel. And she saw me..
naked.. which kind of let her know what was going on..

The next bit's a blur.. and I've forgotten, although I know
we did more stuff together..

Then.. there were heaps of people there.. the apartment was
suddenly like a hostel.. and his friends were there.. and
some of mine too.

We were all getting ready to go out on a picnic. And ergot
and I were ready.. and sitting giggling and talking.. and I
whispered in his ear.. let's go back to your room for a
quickie! I was quite excited..

But he said no, people would notice we'd gone to the
bedroom.. !! Which was VERY un-ergot-ish.. and I was so
disappointed.. lol

Which must have caused me to wake up.. because that's all I

But it was very real... (yes, I know it was fantasy.. it
was neither 'good nor bad'... ) But to me... it was an
epic movie, of which I was the star... and I enjoyed every
minute of it.. especially the naked bits with ergot. :)