Lenore the fool

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2003-01-05 13:27:13 (UTC)

Who needs them

You know what the more i think about it it's a really good
thing i don' have a boyfriend. They take up a lot of time
and i'd miss out on a lot of times with my friends not to
mention other guys plus i wouldn't do certain things cause
i'd be worried about cause and effect. Don't get me wrong
it would be nice to have one and i want the cuddlely lovey
dovey stuff....i just can't be tied down to anyone right
now, especially not far away from me. I realized that on
my walk home to night which i was not drunk for! this
time...with all the statistics and incidents in the world
it is a wonder i haven't gotten raped or anything yet, I
have had absolutly no problems with that at all or
anything remotely related. maybe i'm just smarter maybe
i'm stronger maybe I'm not attractive enough to get raped,
who knows. That sadly is usually my rational for why i
won't get raped h no one is attracted to me anyway i'm
fine...that logic seems o be working out tho so no real
hard feelings. Anyway time to go read or sleep or
something just cause it's 5:26am....


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