mindless ramblings with poor gramar
2003-01-05 13:26:56 (UTC)

Sunday Morning thoughts

Tobetter this country, the government should pay for most
of the people's college education. Students should only pay
four or five hundred dollars. How can we truely improve
this country if the people are uneducated? America is a
democracy, the people run the government. Having colleges
cost thousands of dollars is making this an aristocrosy.
Politics should also be made equal, as of right now, only
the extremly rich main stream parties can be elected. The
government set a list in every state for any person to sign
up, allowing even the poorest person to run for office. As
it is right now, only curopt corperat leaders can have a
real say in the government. Political debates can be
televised in every state, followed by a primary election.
The winner will then go on to a regional debate and
election (ie southeast, northeast,...). The four winners
will then nationaly debate, and presidential elections will
be held. Not only will this improve candidacy, it will also
increase voter turn out. As it is right now, many people
don't vote simply because they "dont believe in choosing
the better of the two evils."
This form of election will give minorities a voice. Most
minorities are too poor to be able to run for anything.
These elections will even the playing field, and, for once,
make America equal.


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