my life sux
2003-01-05 11:37:03 (UTC)

I have a terrible migraine and seem to have more health problems.And will my health ever get better?

Hello diary,
My migraine ha returned again and it's killing me.
I wish they would all go away so I would never suffer again.
I'd like to give them to my sisters actually so they can
suffer the way I have.
I seem to more problems with my health.
The doc who said I was I was going through menopause know
The two cyst I have one in each breast .
My Asthma allergic to anything that sheds except man.
My epilepsy I have a lousy life why was I the unlucky one
with all the problems when I wasn't the one who did all the
illegal drugs exept some pot my sister did heroin,cocaine,
crack and who knows what else.

I often wonder if my life is ever going to get better?
I have know idea or am i just hated by his so called god? so much that he wants me to suffer so much?
It's not like I haven't tried to be a better person and why would he let people like my sister who abandon there kids never have a health
problem? Im the one with all the problems that has to deal with all the idiots in life.
Haven't I been through enough I guess not.
If it's true that the children pay for the mothers sins I'm paying for mine and mine almost aborted me.