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2003-01-05 10:37:13 (UTC)

A girl for me

A lovely pagan girl with windswept hair and wise eyes
A girl with nature in her heart and care in her hands
A girl with not a harsh word on her breath
She will care for me and I for her
and we will take care of of each other
never letting rain touch the other
less it be gentle and joyful
Our lust will be passionate
and embracing, but never harmful
We may sometimes not understand each other's ways
but will always be mindful that each is valid and real
A girl who will bring the goodness back out of this
tainted heart, worn mind
We will talk of Morisson and of his poetry and greatness
and how the world just doesn't understand
"But one day they will all come to their senses"
and we will find a way to break on through
Maybe one day...