The Bowel Movement
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2001-09-06 21:57:32 (UTC)

Muppy's first entry

Hey all, I prolly should've read what Brook has written
before I went off to put in my own entry. Ok, I just went
and looked at it... so disregard what I wrote earlier, I
could always erase it, but that would take too much of my
valuable time. I have a lot of homework tonight, which
sucks. And right now I'm online hoping a certain friend of
mine will come on as well, I know at least one of you knows
who he is. :P . Well, I just got home from school, and I'm
pretty damned exhausted, it's hot outside! hehe. I'm also
tired, maybe I should go take a nap. This is the worst day
of my life... not really... but, I don't think this girl I
like likes me, and this other girl I like in my science
class has a boyfriend! I didn't know that until I saw them
kissing today on my way to the class! That is one of the
most horrible ways to find out about something like that,
huh? I need a friend right now :/. Vixen hasn't called me
since god knows when, WELL over a month ago (I've called
her). Ziy and Anna Mae are available I guess, but they
wouldn't understand, I'm going to call TaShika, Emily's out
of town, and Tony's not coming on! :( ... Asshole's :P. I
don't know who else's shoulder to cry on. hehe. I need a
girlfriend I think, but two people I liked are now out of
the picture, well sorta anyway :/. Damn people. Oh well, I
always have Rubee! :). What else happened to me today???
Hmmmmm... I sat with my friend Nicole and her lunch group
at lunch today, and it was lot's of fun, we made fun of
teachers and what not. I'm a senior, I should be over that
by now, huh? Oh well :P. My day's not over yet, I really
just plan on staying home, I don't want to take a nap,
because I want to actually try to get to bed before 12:30
tonight. I might install Starcraft on my computer finally,
or watch Titan A.E. I've had that movie for close to a week
now, and I haven't watched it yet. Same with the game,
still unplayed :/. I don't know what's up with me lately. I
work tomorrow (9/7/01)4-10, so I prolly won't be online
much if at all, cuz I should wake up early Saturday to
watch the new season of Digimon with TaShika, she would
like that :). It's nice to have friends that care about
you... wish I had more ::looks in Vixen's direction:: hehe!
j/k :P. Anyway, I'm out for now. Bye all! -Muppy

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