Musings of a Melodrama Queen
2003-01-05 08:33:54 (UTC)


As with everyone else in the world, I am inspired to make
resolutions and goals for the new year. I'm still working on

In the mean time, a quick recap of 2002.

Life in general was great. Work dramatically improved due my new boss-
-the great, the wonderful Rick Borchelt. Money was good, in fact
there was a long period when there was an abundant for it...wonderful
shopping experiences (we can talk about my love of shopping some
other day).

As for the romantic aspect of my life, it was a bit shaky in the
beginning. Let's see...There was Mark, who I could not quite forgive
for his slight indiscretion. A kiss is a kiss. It does not matter if
it was outside state boundaries --- I can't believe somebody would
actually use that excuse. For the record, just because you are honest
about your mistakes, it does not absolve you of your sins. I am not
God after all. But to his credit, he wanted "out" from our
relationship. I have to admit, that was the best idea he ever came up
with. I, of course, heartly agreed, and off to the Vineyard I went.

MV was fantastic. I had a wonderful time, and I was released from my
inhibitions and just "went for it." There, I met Taylor, who turned
out to be a big mistake. However, he was a mistake a was glad I made
because it led me to Chad. To make a long story short, Chad and
Taylor are bestfriends. Chad and MY bestfriend kissed and what not.
So you can just imagine all the drama that went along with this
situation. I knew there was a reason why I've always stayed away from
incestous relationships. But anyway...

So now, it's just Chad and I. Things are great, but then again...Yes,
I know there's always the "but." This is the first time in my life
where I am knowingly walking into a heartache. He is dedicated to his
music, and I know for a fact that this will take him away from me. I
know this. I am trying to accept this. All I can hope for is that I
will not get TOO attached with him. I have this sick feeling that it
might be too late.