My Life
2001-09-06 21:55:01 (UTC)


k, so i went back to school on tuesday, after i'd had my
dream about mike. it was so random, i hadn't talked to
mike in like 2 months and then all of a sudden i'm dreaming
about him!? whoa! so i saw him on tuesday and he's so cute
and uuuuuuugh here we go again!! it's so bad for me to like
him cuz he's got a g/f *haven't met her yet but he doesnt
seem to excited about her* and he's just...well...mike!!
anyways, wednesday he gave me a big hug when he saw me and
i wanted to melt right there in his arms...AH! asked him if
he was going out with jamie-lee and he said yah but he
kinda like...i dunno sounded ashamed almost. it was
definitely weird. got mad at him today for wearing his hat
like a geek, we had a play-argument hehe! brad hasn't been
on my mind too much, haven't seen him in a while and i
won't be seeing him for another while. don't really care
im so mad at him right now he's being such an asshole. and
as for darryl...well...we'll see tomorrow night when we're
working together =)!!!! anyways gotta run, got hmwrk to do
and i hafta call laura and keep her up to date